Radhika Sharma

  Creative content writer at Global Child Prodigy Awards | Feel free to contact me at team@gcpawards.com


3 Stories by Radhika Sharma

Aelita Andre: The Prodigy’s Journey Unveiled

Aelita Andre’s path through the world of art is truly amazing. She started using brushes when she was only nine months old. Now her...
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Top 12 Child Prodigies in Music: A Celebration of Young Talent

Music has the unique ability to touch our hearts, transcend boundaries, and inspire countless individuals. Among the numerous gifted musicians, some stand out not...
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R. Praggnanandhaa: From Global Child Prodigy Award Winner to the World Chess Cup 2023 Runner-Up!

Introduction The chess board, with its 64 squares and 32 pieces, may seem simple, but to those in the know, it’s a complex battleground....
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