Lydia Sebastian: The Child Prodigy Who Knocked Down Einstein in IQ.

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Child Prodigies are known for breaking records or establishing new ones, and one such prodigy is the 12 years, old, of Indian origin living in the UK, Lydia Sebastian. She astonished everyone with her intelligence, brainpower, surveillance, and reasoning at such a young age. Many Prodigies have outstood many individuals when provided with proper support and a stage to showcase their uniqueness and talent.

The Beginning of Lydia’s Journey

She started taking IQ tests online and scored well.

Lydia’s Journey started when she took several IQ tests online and showed her interest in IQ tests. She shared this interest with her father, Arun Sebastian, a radiologist at Colchester general hospital, and her mother. Lydia had an interest apart from IQ in reading. Sebastian read the entire Harry Potter series, seven parts thrice and learned to play the violin at the age of 4, and was able to talk in just six months. This talent of her gave bright hints of her being a child prodigy at an early age. Her Journey was establishing herself as a child prodigy started when she took the Mensa IQ test.

Outsmarting Einstein and Hawking:

The child prodigy outsmarted the IQs of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

Lydia took the Mensa Test and scored 162, outsmarting Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein; both attained the 160 in the Mensa test score. Lydia got the highest marks in Cattell III B, administered by Mensa. She earned a position in the 1 percent list of all entrants.
She completed her paper in less time in Birbeck College, London, during her school holidays. During an interview reported by the Guardian, Lydia stated that first, she was nervous while starting with the paper. Still, when she took the test, she realized that it was much more comfortable than expected. She said that the questioning focused on language skills inclusive of definition and analogies and sense of logic.

Other Prodigies like Lydia

Mensa is the largest and considerably the oldest high IQ society on earth. It is an NGO for people who scored either 98th percentile or came under the 2 percent of the population can clear a supervised and standardized IQ test.
Nicole Barr, 12 yrs. Old from Essex and Aahil, 10 yrs. Aged from Blackburn achieved an impressive Mensa score, joining Lydia. Lydia scored 162, outshining like a true warrior through her intelligence. Such brainpower shows how important it is to put out a platform for prodigies in the world and let them present themselves in front of everyone through their talent. Not everyone possesses such uniqueness. For those who do, there is a global platform like Mensa, which supports them.

The intelligence Lydia Sebastian and prodigies like her possess will surely come to help in the future. These child prodigies have the power to do wonders and outsmart not just legends like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking but everyone out here.

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