Tips For Treating Your Child As A friend

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Being fast and faster is a thing to achieve by everyone but, losing family relations behind more than ever before. The same be applied to the scope of the relationship between parents and kids. It is more than often that a child feels the feeling of disconnect and left out. You can follow some advice on treating your child as a friend to make situations better such as:

1.Don’t do helicopter parenting.

There is a stark difference between being protective, caring about your kids, and being overprotective and helicopter parenting. Don’t hover around if they make mistakes by guilt play. That’s one of the worst things to do. Making yourself appear as a judge who’s just there to complain and stare makes it uncomfortable for a kid. This is for them to go easier on their mental and physical self.

2.Respect their choices and opinions

When you ignore the what your child has to say, it lowers their self-esteem.

One of the most frequent things one can see parents and elders saying to their kids quickly around any topic is, “You are a child, do your own work,” one of the worst to bring up less self-value and self-esteem. One of the most notable instances of growth of the disconnect.
The better way to handle the same is first listening to what your child has to say and then analyzing if it’s an excellent idea/choice/opinion, then appreciates them if not, then telling what is wrong with their reply and the scope of improvement.

3.Be the example

As its a reasonably universal fact that kids learn by watching and enacting others, especially their parents, be that example. No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes, so before scolding your kid for the same, do a double-check. Is it the most appropriate way to respond? You will get the answer.

4.Give them their “privacy.”

Everyone needs their own space in life to understand and keep good themselves. Especially in the case of your children, it is best to give them their privacy. Don’t think that only an older person needs privacy. It would help if you left your child alone, no matter what your child age is.
Sometimes parents start suspecting them or keeping an eye on them when the kid starts spending some time alone, so they will try to stay away from you, which is not suitable for friendship with your children.

5.Let them make their decision.

Making their own decision can improve their way of thinking and making decisions. As a friend and being a best friend, you should involve them in some family problems and ask for some suggestions for minor issues.
Always make them feel that what they think is essential.

6.Spend time with your kid

Spend quality time with your child to strengthen your bonds .

Spending some time with your child is the best way to making strong bonding with them as best friends. You lack time, but you should never forget one thing: you also have a responsibility towards them.
You should spend some time with them on off day or holidays, and make sure at least get together for a family meal.

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting!!!

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