Akiane Kramarik: Former Painting Child Prodigy

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Some people surprised the world by doing great things at a remarkable age, and Akiane Kramarik is one example. She is an American poet and painter. She started to draw at the very early age of four. Her most famous painting is Prince of Peace, which she completed at the age of eight.

Early Life

The child prodigy of art world, Akiane Kramarik.

Akiane Kramarik was born on 9 July 1994 in Mount Morris, Illinois, to a non-practicing Catholic American father and Lithuanian mother. Akiane said that she saw the face of Jesus Christ in her dream. Her education was completed in her home, but she began her education at a parochial school earlier. She lived near a massive nuclear power plant when she was born. Her father nearly died due to the toxic water from the wells and the pesticides sprayed from planes. In an interview, she said that her family was too poor, and they have no kitchen, barely any furniture, except for one mattress, one chair, three pots, one small bookshelf, a few hand-made books, and two iron cast pans on a portable burner.


Akiane is a self-taught painter and says that she spoke to Jesus Christ when she was just four years old. Jesus encouraged her to draw and paint her vision on the paper. She began to start drawing and painting at the age of four and writing poetry at the age of seven. When she was eight years old, she painted Jesus. Her fully complete self-portrait was sold at a high price of 10000 US dollars. Akiane Kramarik’s paintings are very spiritual and depict the likeness of Jesus Christ, children, animals, and a self-portrait. At a very young age of twelve, she had completed more than sixty large paintings. US Embassy in Singapore also purchased some of her works. She had completed 800 literary works and over 200 artworks and has published two best-selling books.


Akiane with her famous portrait of Jesus.

At the age of only 10, Akiane appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. CNN also interviewed the 12-year-old. Akiane Kramarik appeared in The Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Katie in 2005 and 2012, respectively. Akiane received the award of Happiness Hall of fame in 2016.

Prince of Peace

Akiane Kramarik said that her most memorable and favorite painting is Prince of Peace. She was looking for the right face to help her to paint an image from her dream. At the age of eight, she saw a carpenter who resembled what Akiane remembered as the face of Jesus. It took 40 hours of dedication to complete the portrait. It was sent to an exhibition, and someone stole it and sold it without permission. The painting was in a bank vault for more than sixteen years. In December 2019, the portrait painting of Akiane “Prince of Peace” was recovered by the artist’s family and sold to a private collector for 850000 US dollars.

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