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Mother – The First Teacher Of A Child | Mother’s Day 2022

The role of our mothers in our lives is truly unquestionable and it’s hard to explain it in words. From giving us life to...
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Team GCPA Pays A Warm Tribute To the Queen of Melody – Lata Mangeshkar Ji

One of the most influential singers in India, Lata Mangeshkar Ji, has said goodbye to the world today, i.e, on February 6, 2022, and...
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Children From 25 Nations Wished Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his 71st Birthday

Children from 25 countries gave Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi birthday wishes. PM Narendra Modi celebrates his 71st birthday today. Team
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Independence Day 2021 | Meet Tara Ghahremani, the Iranian Girl Getting Immense Love From India

On this special occasion of Indian Independence Day 2021, we are here with the story of a girl from Iran who is getting lots...
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Akrit Jaswal – The Boy Who Became The World’s Youngest Surgeon

On November 19, 2000, the world got its youngest surgeon, 7 years old Akrit Jaswal. Undoubtedly a gem of India, his passion for working...
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How To Enhance Speaking Skills Of Your Child?

Kids are developing their communication skills and learning how to interact with their siblings and their classmates. Every child should have a proper speaking...
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Akiane Kramarik: Former Painting Child Prodigy

Some people surprised the world by doing great things at a remarkable age, and Akiane Kramarik is one example. She is an American poet...
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How To Help Your Child Discover Their Passion?

Helping your child discover their passion is a big responsibility and a formidable challenge to the parents. Many parents find it hard to decide...
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Song Yoo-Geun: The Youngest Ph.D. Prodigious Candidate In South Korea

Prodigious children don’t always go through a smoother and simpler road to success. They sometimes have to fight their way to a successful life,...
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Cleopatra Stratan: The Youngest Person to Achieve Commercial Success.

There are so many musical prodigies who had showcase their extraordinary talent and shocked the world with their unbelievable abilities to do wonders. Prodigies...
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Difference Between Preschool And Pre-kindergarten

Education is filled with jargon, and the early learning stage is no exception. The good news is in early childhood learning, knowing the difference...
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Jedediah Buxton: A Former Child Prodigy And Mental Calculator

Jedediah Buxton (1707–1772) was a noted English mental calculator, born at Elmton, near Creswell, in Derbyshire. Mental Calculator is a term to describe a...
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