Ayan Gogoi Gohain Talks About His Love For Painting

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Whenever Ayan Gogoi Gohain moves his little fingers over Canvas, a masterpiece always comes out. He is a 7-year-old incredible author from Assam, India. Along with writing, Ayan also loves to paint and is an amazing artist. This little boy has surprised the whole world with his writing skills at such a young age. He has already written two books – ‘Honeycomb’ & ‘Bumblebee’. He even made the cover of ‘Honeycomb’ by himself. 

In an exclusive interview with Global Child Prodigy, Ayan Gogoi Gohain talks about his love for painting.

Ayan’s Love For Painting

Ayan told us that he loves painting, but he doesn’t paint very often because he is generally occupied with reading & writing. It takes him about 1 to 2 hours to complete one painting. His paintings have been admired by hundreds of art lovers as the child prodigy has really unique skills.

First Art Exhibition Of Ayan Gogoi Gohain

Ayan’s first art exhibition, Gossamer Dreams, was at Mizoram University Auditorium in Aizawl. He says that his 62 paintings were displayed in the exhibition, and none of them was on sale. Their purpose was just to make everyone realize how amazing the world is. Gossamer is the name of a spider’s web and is a very delicate material that can break easily. He says that he gave the name ‘Gossamer Dreams’ to his Art Exhibition to make people realize that everyone should be careful about things in life, else they might get broken and lost.

Ayan Gogoi Gohain - Valley of Words
Ayan with one of his paintings

It proves that this little boy is not just an amazing writer and painter, but he also understands lots of things that adults can not understand easily. Ayan is truly a source of inspiration for all the children.

Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee

Ayan Gogoi Gohain won the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 in the category of writing. He was also one of the Top 100 child prodigies of the world. 

Ayan Gogoi Gohain - Photos | Facebook
GCP 2020 Awardee

The Global Child Prodigy Awards is the only award event of its kind that celebrated child prodigies from all around the world. It recognizes children having extreme competency in their field, such as painting, modeling, writing, entrepreneurship, intelligence, music, etc.

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