12 year old Manya Harsha is fighting to preserve the natural environment.

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Manya Harsha, who refers to herself as a sustainability influencer, is working towards the goal of bringing about a positive shift in the manner in which garbage is managed in India. She is a dedicated volunteer who contributes her time to a variety of environmental causes and has been commended by UN-Water for the work she does to protect the planet.

About Manya Harsha

Manya Harsha, a girl from Bangalore who is a fervent nature lover and crusader and who has been campaigning against environmental abuses like water wastage, littering on picnic spots, the use of single-use plastic, and deforestation since she was six years old, has served as a model for children her age.

Manya was hard at work making homemade vegetable paper out of the vegetable scraps that were left over from the kitchen while the rest of the world was forced to remain inside owing to the adverse conditions. Every city, town, and nation on the face of the earth is now battling with the problem of how to effectively manage their rubbish. Waste management is a problem in every nation, but it is more important in a country like India, which has such a vast population than in other countries.

Manya on a mission

She is on a long-term mission to make the environment secure, For that, she gave paper bags to local vendors in an effort to cut down on the use of plastic bags and to create awareness within the business community about the negative consequences that plastic has on our world.

Manya has participated in a number of solo beach cleaning missions, and she actively encourages young people in India to volunteer for activities of this kind. She has been recognised for her efforts to raise awareness about the need for water conservation by the ministry of JAL Shakthi, which has awarded her with THE WATER HEROES award for 2020.

Hobbies and more

Despite the fact that she was too young to actively participate in the fight against environmental disasters, she did not want to remain quiet. We often claim that age is nothing but a number.

She started composing poetry with the steadfast belief that “the Pen is mightier than the Sword,” and the subject matter of her poems was “preserving nature” and “ending pollution.” She has already published few novels this is how she earned the title of “Nature Themed Author.”Manya is the founder and editor of the children’s digital journal SUNSHINE FORTNIGHTLY. She is also the person who started the #EachOnePlantOne Campaign, which has inspired more than 236 people to plant trees.

These people include her friends, family, and teachers, as well as the Bengaluru police force (Rajajinagar Police station), and the staff at government hospitals.

“My loved ones are what keeps me going.” She said, “My parents have always pushed me to study on my own and explore the world around me.”

The GCP team congratulates Manya for all the amazing work she has been doing so far and wishes her well in her future endeavours. We look forward to seeing her succeed in the upcoming days through her initiatives toward the environment.

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