Aarna Wadhawan – The Young Girl Who Learnt To Accept The Change

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been threatening for everyone around the world, and so for the young girl Aarna Wadhawan, who is now a young environmentalist. She lost her grandfather. He was her best friend, with whom she used to spend hours watching the flowers and birds. But instead of getting hopeless and demotivated, she understood the importance of being positive in such times and decided to keep her grandfather’s memories alive. However, there were difficult phases, but Aarna has always been sensible enough to not give up and keep going. She has already been recognized by several leading organizations like UNESCO and is continuously working to bring positive change to this world.

About Aarna Wadhawan & Her Source Of Inspiration

Aarna Wadhawan, from Delhi, India, has come to the spotlight for being one of the youngest environmentalists globally. Two years back, when the first wave of the Corona Virus appeared, she lost her grandfather as he couldn’t get oxygen at the right time and it was an extremely heartbreaking moment for the little girl. She was very attached to her grandfather. The little girl never expected that she would see him in such a condition one day.

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Aarna Wadhawan – The Young Environmentalist

Aarna’s grandfather was a nature lover, and the little girl used to spend a lot of time watching trees, small birds, and flowers with him. So, she was very much into nature from her childhood, but Aarna majorly understood the importance of planting more and more trees when she lost her grandfather due to lack of oxygen. She couldn’t bring him back but decided to keep his grandfather’s memories always with her by planting more trees and inspiring everyone to do the same. So, Aarna’s grandfather plays a huge role in whatever the little girl’s life today is, and he is the biggest source of inspiration for her.

The Journey and Accomplishments

After realizing the importance of green trees, Aarna started planting 10-15 trees every day along the Badarpur-Mehrauli road in New Delhi. After planting around 100 trees, there was a moment when she felt hopeless as she couldn’t plant trees around the whole world alone. But, the girl didn’t stop. Once Aarna was done with around 365 trees, she got appreciated by Mr. Ramesh Bidhuri, a member of the Indian parliament. This was when the girl felt the importance of her efforts.

After this, Aarna wanted to create a big impact and hence started the Youth Environmentalist Club. There are a few more youngsters with her in the club where all of them together plan large-scale plantations. She found more and more people like her to get maximum trees planted. Aarna, with her team, has planted more than 7000 trees so far and counting every day.

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Achievements of Aarna

With continuous hard work and passion, the young environmentalist is getting attention from people and the media. And very soon, she was featured by some world-famous organizations, including the UNESCO website, Global Resilience Partnership, and WWF website. Moreover, she also got an invitation for a meeting with Mr. Bhupender Yadav, the Minister of Environment of India on World Youth Day.

How Does Aarna Inspire the Youth?

Being a 13-year-old girl, whatever Aarna Wadhawan does is extremely amazing, and we hope that the young girl will go very far on her journey. She has inspired thousands of youngsters who believe that it is impossible to bring a change to the world all alone. If you start something for a good purpose, good people will surely come along to support you.

We at GCPA believe that Aarna is an amazingly brilliant child and will surely bring a positive change to the world. We wish her all the very best for her future.

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