Benefits Of Firm Parenting

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A foundation of positive discipline is to be kind and firm at the same time. Some parents are thoughtful but not firm. Others are firm but not kind. Many parents vacillate between the two—being too kind until they can’t stand their kids (who develop an entitlement attitude) and then being too firm until they can’t stand themselves (feeling like tyrants). The trick is to be kind and tight and the same time. This is what firm parenting is all about. Being firm is resolutely enforcing clear and reasonable limits and typing while doing so. But being firm does not equal being harsh. Putting kind and firm together can be a challenge for parents who habitually go to one extreme or the other.

Here are the benefits of firm parenting:


Firm parenting helps to develop stronger parent-child relationships. This approach to behavioral development increases trust between children and parents. This trust is that children have positive interactions with parents as a result of positive parenting. These positive interactions and the positive outlook attribute to a strong relationship and are contrary to the harsh or harmful interactions that studies show can lead to mental health issues in childhood or later in life.

A strong relationship will make your child feel more comfortable coming to you with questions as they get older. As they reach middle school and high school, children will have a more complex social life and experience different school pressures. Children do not always want parents to be a part of this phase of their development. Still, they will be more willing to communicate about their lives if their parents have laid the positive parenting groundwork and developed a relationship where open communication is welcomed.


Communication is an essential part of firm parenting. In a sense, the primary focus of a positive approach to parenting is finding ways to communicate with your children in a positive, action-oriented way instead of a harmful or harsh way. You can bring about this positivity by encouraging children to talk about their feelings and explain how good behavior choices can bring about good feelings and positive outcomes.

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Encouraging children to communicate in this way can help develop a more trusting relationship. While many parenting tips focus on talking to children, being able to listen to your children and even encourage them to talk about their feelings is a vital part of the positive parenting process.  

You can start to develop communication skills very early in life. You can do this by interacting with your child, reading with them, and being attentive when they try to communicate with you. For young children, things like tone of voice, eye contact, and physical contact can build a positive rapport that can make communication more accessible as they grow.


The focus on positive action, trust, and communication will lead to a greater level of happiness. It will help your children develop a sense of self-esteem. Emphasize more on encouragement and improvement instead of punishment. Avoiding negative behaviors will help your child have a positive approach to life in general. They will see mistakes and imperfections as opportunities for improvement rather than negative things. 

The idea of firm parenting can even bring happiness and reduce stress in parents. Parents can change their adverse reactions to a misbehaving child into positive thoughts. The firm approach will not only help you avoid clashes with your children. It will also give you a happier, action-focused outlook on parenting and keep you from getting overwhelmed by negative thoughts.


Parenting can become a kind of power struggle with kids trying to get away with bad behavior while avoiding punishment. Keep in mind that firm parenting still requires you to set limits for your children. The difference is that rather than focusing on negative behavior, you offer positive alternatives to unwanted actions.

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In a sense, the positive behaviors and desired actions leave less room for negative behavior. 

Parenting can be challenging regardless of your strategy for raising your children. However, the effort that you put into firm parenting will be rewarded with positive results in the long term.

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting.

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