Hana Makhmalbaf: The Former Filmmaking Child Prodigy

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The world admires prodigies for their talent. When they come from a widely popular industry, they are lookup to even more. Such Music, Film, Scientific industries attract many people, and People admire prodigies from these industries a lot. One such prodigy who has made her unique name in the film industry as a filmmaker is Hana Makhmalbaf.

Early Life of Prodigious Filmmaker Hana:

Her first feature film, Buddha Collapsed out of Shame won many awards.

Hana was born in Tehran in 1988. Makhmalbaf came from a family of filmmakers. Her parents Mohsen Makhmalbaf and Marzieh Makhmalbaf, both filmmakers, and her younger sister Samira Makhmalbaf became a filmmaker. Coming from a family of filmmakers, Hana got involved in the film industry at an early age. She got to attend the Cannes Film Festival at the age of three, and by the age of 8, she completed her short film “The Day My Aunt Was Ill.”
Makhmalbaf had an interest in painting too, but she found the art form quite lonely. She then, at 8, continued with pursuing filmmaking and joined her father’s film academy as the sound of “Lights, Camera, Action” excited her. She left the formal schooling system as she felt she’d rather be at a film academy.

Prodigious Filmmaking Career of Hana Makhmalbaf:

The poster of Green Days .

Hana debuted in filmmaking with a documentary titled Joy of Madness in 2003. Hana outsmarted her sister Samira who first held the record for the youngest person to have a documentary screened at the Cannes Film Festival with her film the Joy of Madness. She even was the youngest person to have a film premiered at Venice Film Festival, but she couldn’t attend it due to her age as per Italian law. Her documentary film “Joy of Madness” screened at the London International Film Festival.

“Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame” featured Hana Makhmalbaf, which got immense appreciation and recognition. This featured film won two awards in San Sebastian International Film Festival and a mention in Festival Du Nouveau Cinema. Her second featured film, namely Green Days, also received recognition and praise from the Toronto International Film Festival and also featured at Venice Film Festival. Makhmalbaf, with her family, shortly left Iran after the premiere.

The Gist

Belonging to a family of filmmakers, Hana Makhmalbaf found her passion at an early age and pursued it .

Hana’s worldwide recognition tells a lot about her work. She received global nominations and won a few of them, but the thing that startled everyone the most that she made a documentary at eight. Makhmalbaf proved how prodigies could create massive wonders and give out their best to the world when provided with a platform. She came up with such notable, intellectual, and grown-up films at such young age. It is no joke. She recognized her talent, willingly joined her father’s academy to learn filmmaking. Her skill, courage, and hard work released her first documentary. The biography of prodigies like Hana tells us about the vitality of having a platform and supporting the right people in life.

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