How To Have Fun With Your Children On Days Off?

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This is a stressful time for everyone. We all are stuck at home. Everyone is indoors and have nothing to do. Kids are mostly effected. You can make it more enjoyable. There are many ways to have fun with your children at home. It’s easier than you think; grab some crayons, glue, paint, and glitter and let their creativity shine.

Here are some of the ways to have fun with your children on days off:

1. DIY

Do-it -yourself or DIY are best way to learn and have fun during the day offs.

You don’t need to be too creative to help your kids in a craft or DIY. DIY is low maintenance and can be done with everyday items around your house. It would be best if you gave a spark to get the ideas to start flowing in your children’s brains. You can help your child filling a color book. You can suggest filling the right color in the correct box.

2. Interaction with children

The more they interact with their parents, the more they feel better, making a healthy relationship. You can play hide and seek inside your house. Decorate a small area of your home to look more beautiful. Try to bake a cake in the kitchen, and try to shoot with a camera a cooking show with your child. This can improve your child’s speaking skills.

3. Have fun in the backyard

If it’s raining and you are stuck indoors, there are hundreds of painting projects, or you can make some paper boats and land in the tiny pits filled with water. If you have a backyard, some fun ideas like bubbles, balloon flights, and activities make their body moving.

4. Playtime

Play with the blocks and Rubik’s cube, which helps in improving muscle memory. Make a tent house in the house and teach your child how to build a tent. You can convert some small boxes into cute-looking puppets.

5. Play pretend with your kids

Set up an in-home nail art parlor and try some nail art with your child. Dress up and have some fancy dress competition in a room. Make some friendship bracelets for some friends of your child. You can set up some car racing tracks and race toys with each other. Play the Bull’s Eye game in the garden, and you need some bottle caps or sponge (if the child is too small) and a large indoor and outdoor area to turn that area into a target practice zone.

6. Indoor games

Create a family tree with your child or play with magnets on a cookie sheet or the floor. You can play indoor volleyball or soccer with balloons. Almost every child loves to play with balloons. Make paper planes and see whose plane travels more distance.

7. Video calls

You can just set a video-meet with some relatives or close friends they don’t know until now. This way, they will take less time than usual during their first real meet.

8. Play creative games

There are a lot of games that will help get the creative juices of your child flow.

You can play with dough, play the floor is lava game, play in the bubble bath. Put up a puppet show and try to give some moral stories present in the front. You can start making a scrapbook or suggest to them how to make your scrapbook look more beautiful. Solve puzzle games with them or fold clothes together.

9. Enhance their skills

You can teach them to how to write a letter to friends and family. Tell them to write what you don’t like in your dad’s nature and mom’s nature and try to observe. You can play games like sudoku or abacus. These games help to calculate fast.

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting!!!

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