International Dance Day 2021 – Meet Top 13 Dance Prodigies Of The World

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Every year, April 29 is celebrated as International Dance Day. It is the birth anniversary of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet. This day was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the leading partner for the performing arts of UNESCO. It is an annual celebration of how dancing positively impacts our lives. The human body’s ability to move, groove, pop, and lock has captivated how we interact with music and express ourselves artistically.

On this special occasion of the international dance day 2021, let’s learn about the Top 13 child dance prodigies around the globe:

1.Airean Josiah Raguindin

Airean Josiah Raguindin impressed everyone with his dancing skills.

Airean Josiah Raguindin, popularly known as AJ BOOGIE, is an extraordinary dancer who has already impressed dozens of pop music stars. He makes video clips with millions of views. Based in Los Angeles, USA, he lives between television studios, live shows, and the dance academy, where he trains with the world’s best choreographers. AJ BOOGIE has already received numerous awards, including the prestigious GLOBAL CHILD PRODIGY AWARD 2020 for his talent in hip-hop.

2.Cassidy Naber

Cassidy Naber is an actress and a competitive dancer.

Actress and competitive dancer, this 14-year-old came into the limelight when she became a lead alum at CampPulse and joined the Kid Clipper dance crew. She voiced Chelsea’s character on the series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures and has appeared on the series Fresh Off the Boat and Transparent. 

Cassidy Naber received the Global Child Prodigy award for her acting, dancing, and her voice.

3.Twinkle Jaiswal

Twinkle Jaiswal is an Indian- British actress and dancer and the Global Child Prodigy 2020 recipient.

The actress who reached rose to fame by playing Lavender in the West End production of the musical Matilda. She also acted in the web series Mauji Bhai.

Twinkle Jaiswal is an Indian-British actress and dancer. She made headlines with her performance in Malory Towers (2020), Night Zookeeper (2019), and Ricky Zoom (2019). The very talented actress won the prestigious Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020 in the category of Dance.

4.John Talan Church

John Talan Church caught attention when he won the second place in the 13th season of So You Think You Can Dance.

 JT Church is a gifted child who started showing interest in dancing at a very young age. Born in Virginia, there were not many dance schools where he could hone his dancing skills. Hence, he started learning dance in his home. At five years old, he rose to stardom only when he participated in and won second place in the 13th season, So You Think You Can Dance. John Talan received the Global Child Prodigy award in January 2020 for his outstanding dancing skills.

5.Freddie and Teddie

Freddie and Teddie , popularly known as The Tapping Twins, are incredible tap dancers from Los Angeles.

The 12-year-old twins, Freddie & Teddie, popularly known as Tapping Twins, are incredible dancers from Los Angeles, California. They caught global attention through their dancing skills and also recognized as child prodigies. The Twins have appeared on several popular shows, such as Little Big Shots, and amazed everyone every time. The tapping twins, Freddie & Teddie, won the Global Child prodigy Award in January 2020 for their outstanding dancing skills.

6.Ayden Nguyen

Ayden Nguyen – the rising Hip-Hop star

The 10-year-old incredible dancer, Ayden Nguyen, is from Dallas, Texas. This young hip-hopper has managed to earn the title of the “Winner of the World of Dance. “Ayden had a keen interest in dancing from a very young age. He performed in front of an audience of over 20,000 people when he was just six. Also known as “mini Sean Lew,” he is continuously winning the hearts of millions of people worldwide. He is also a recipient of the Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020.

7.Vasilisa Chernova

Vasilisa Chervova is a young professional dancer whose dancing style includes Hip-Hop, Paping, Vogue, Jas-Funk. She has also played in a musical theater. The little girl also has modeling experience and is really astonishing in everything she does. Vasilisa has won millions of people’s hearts through her dancing skills.

8.Gabriele Piras

Gabriele Piras has proved that ‘Talent has no age’ through his exceptional dancing skills. He is a 12-year-old international dancing star from Italy. Piras is the Winner of the World Sports Dance Championship and has also won other Hip Hop Team Competitions. He started dancing at a very young age and never stopped after that.

9.Vriti Gujral

Vriti Gujral is a Kathak dancer.

A young talent for this new generation, Vriti Gujral is a Kathak dancer. She chose Indian classical art forms to keep our nation’s culture alive. In this modernized era of the 21st century, where the famous Indian culture is losing its traditions, Vriti wants to spread it worldwide. Our young dancer intends to take the Indian heritage forward. She won the prestigious “Global Child Prodigy Award 2020” in the category of Dance for her exceptional dancing talent in Kathak.

10.Ritik Diwakar

Ritik Diwakar is an exceptional hip-hop and breakdance dancer.

15-year-old dancing prodigy, Ritik Diwakar hails from Kanpur, India. He is a hip-hop and breakdance dancer. The young boy appeared on the popular Sony TV show Super Dancer Chapter 2 and was among the show’s top 4 finalists. He amazed the judges and the audience, Anurag Basu, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, and Geeta Kapoor, through his fantastic dance moves, who were the show’s judges. Ritik Diwakar is the Global Child Prodigy award recipient in January 2020 for his excellent dancing skills.

11.Viriya Rici

Viriya Rici hails from Indonesia and is a great dancer.

An exceptional dancer, Viriya Rici is from Indonesia. He caught global attention when he auditioned for Asia’s Got Talent at the age of 11. He has learned multiple dancing styles like breakdance, hip-hop, group dance, etc.

12.Akshat Singh

Akshat Singh is a great dancer who caught the global attention when he auditioned for India’s Got Talent.

Child prodigy Akshat Singh is not new to fame. He first made headlines in 2014 when a video from one of his performances in India’s Got Talent went viral. In the last few years, Akshat has been a part of a few popular international shows. From being a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show to qualifying for the semifinals in Britain’s Got Talent, Akshat’s popularity has massively increased. His performance on ‘BGT’ won him a golden buzzer. Akshat then went on to represent India in the semifinals of ‘BGT’ in London.

13.Maria Rosaria Dalmonte

Maria Rosaria Dalmonte performed in an Italian shopping center and that video went viral.

Youngsters Antonio Esposito and Maria Rosaria Dal Monte left the crowd blown away when they put on a spicy cha-cha-cha performance in the middle of an Italian shopping center. With more than 21 million views from people worldwide, you really have to see to believe it’s an incredible dance act. Her dance performance paved the way for the show “Ballando Con Le Stelle” ( Dancing on the Road, an Italian spin-off of “Dancing With the Stars”). Maria Rosaria Dal Monte received the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 for her outstanding dancing skills.

Happy International Dance Day 2021!

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