Seven Qualities Of Ideal Parents

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There are common traits of good parents. There certain things that someone does that make him or her a good parent. There are non-ideal parents’ qualities too.

Though it’s also true that the definition of a good parent isn’t absolute. But certain practices make the list of ideal parent qualities.

Here are seven qualities of ideal parents:

1.Talk and Listen

Communicating solves everything.

An ideal parent spends more time talking with their children rather than to them. Listening to your kids and really giving them your full attention (away from a computer or phone screen). Practice this, and you will be surprised by how much more you feel connected to your child and learn about lots of things your child is thinking and feeling.

2.Loving and Affectionate

Loving parents are ideal because they choose to respect, encourage and nurture their children rather than judging and blaming them. They constantly use words of affirmations to show their love and affection. This builds self-esteem in children. Making the opposite tears down the child’s confidence especially criticizing. Every achievement of a child is enthusiastically praised. 

3.Ability to Manage Stress

One of the crucial characteristics of an ideal parent is the ability to manage stress and temper. This leads to well-adjusted children. They learn to handle stress by mirroring how their parents worked emotions during stressful situations. Anxious parenting often leads to anxious kids. As an ideal parent leaves their anxiety at the door, their child also follows their lead and learns how to handle stress.

4.Positive Role Model

We all know that children are a reflection of their parents. An ideal parent believes in being a positive role model for their children. Children learn through observation and mimic the behavior of their parents. Parents who can work out their conflicts and disagreements through calm discussions rather than heated arguments become healthy role models and, thus, ideal parents.

5. Support

The support you give to your child is the backbone of the parenting.

As a parent, you are the only support for the children. They look up to you for everything. Since childhood, they seek help from you. You are the only thing in their life who will be there for them no matter what happens—this ability of parents to be supportive influences the children to make better decisions in the future.

6.Let go of the guilt.

Guilt becomes a regular dose for parents. Having flaws is human, but the responsibility of not being perfect is also human. Shame tends to weasel its way into life, suck out joy. When you face guilt, you can’t be the best version of yourselves for your kids. Therefore the ideal parents never hold on to rap. They let it go and enjoy life to the fullest with their children.


Parents become the first friends of children. Before school, they are the only ones a child communicates with. But as they grow up, they have friends who are of their age and have the same challenges as your kid. They relate more to them than with them, and that causes a distance. A grim situation where almost all parents give up and accept the space. But not an ideal parent. They are careful enough, to be frank with them. They let their child open up. They make them feel comfortable in talking about anything they are curious about. The best quality of ideal parents is that they try to remain the best of their children’s friends. 

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting!!!

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