Ten Quiet Games for Kids

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Raising loud and excited kids is a tough challenge for the parents, especially in public. At that moment, it can make us anxious or irritable. Small Kids generally don’t really grasp the need for quiet time. If you are a parent looking for some options to keep your child calm and entertained for some time other than watching television or a smartphone. We have few suggestions for you. Here’s 10 quiet games for kids:

1.Busy Bag

A busy bag is the best way to keep your rowdy kids entertained.

Kids can only sit longer if they are doing something exciting and funny. You can make a busy bag, including puzzles, coloring sheets, books, softballs, etc. You can make Very Busy Bags for longer playtime of kids.

2.Sorting some Pom-Poms

Let your child practice and separate pom poms of different colors. Write the name of the colors on a paper that matches the color of the pom-poms. Let your child practice and separate the pom-poms with the article.

3.Threading Station

Many kids in preschool made necklaces made of cereal and making these are fun. But instead of cereal, try using straws and pipe cleaners. Combine both into a bin, and your child may have a great time playing or streaming them through.

4.Building Sponge Towers

Sponge towers are safe and fun for kids.

Sponge Towers might be a fun time for your child. You can use the household sponges of different colors and cut them into cubes, rectangles, and triangles, and let your child built and play with them.

5.Letter Writing

In today’s modern world, we all can connect with each other easily. Motivate your child to write a letter to your grandfather or a friend and express their feelings. Writing notes will help in increasing the vocabulary of the child.

6.DIY Puppets

Puppets are an enjoyable quiet craft project. There are many ways to make puppets from household wastes. Kids can choose from a wide variety of crafts to bring their puppet to life. They can play with puppets even after making, so basically, they are making their own toys.

7.Marshmallow Building Towers

One of the best quiet games for kids, making towers with Marshmallows may bring out true joy of crafting in your child. You just need very few items: a packet of marshmallows, some straws, and some toothpicks. Cut the straws and let the tip of the straw be sharp. It’s easy to pierce into the marshmallow. For extra fun, try to set a time limit, or you can organize a great game for groups, and you can be the judge.

8.Smell Sensory Guessing Game

You can blindfold your child’s eyes and take some foods or other products near their nose and tell them to guess the item. Here are few ideas that you can choose from: Soil, An Orange, Cooked Vegetables, Coffee, Different Flowers, Shampoo, Butter, etc. This will keep them quiet and entertained.

9.Playing with Legos

Legos are great way to give wings to kid’s creativity.

I think legos will never get old. They are with us for a long time. Both Girls and boys love to play lego with no guidance at all. Only make sure that your child is old enough to play with them. Small children might have the risk of swallow legos blocks. This is one of the best quiet games for kids.

10. Rock, paper, scissors.

Does anyone not know how to play this game? Just in case, each player makes a fist and hits their own hand while saying “Rock, paper, scissors!”

On the word scissors each player makes a rock, paper or scissors motion with their hand. Rock beats scissors, paper beats paper, and paper beats rock. Once your kids know how to do this game out-loud, they can easily play it silently.

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting.

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