Understanding Yourself As A Parent

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Everyone’s experiences play a huge role in making them who they are. Parents also draw parenting ideas from various sources around them, including their own parents. All the parents do every possible thing to be the best for their children. As a parent, you might be having several dreams and hopes for your children. Sometimes, things can go in the right direction to make your dreams come true, and sometimes all your hopes and dreams may just remain dreams. Moreover, sometimes you may shout at your child even after not willing to do so, and you don’t know the reason behind your behavior. In such cases, it is complicated for you to understand yourself as a parent. This blog is here to help you in understanding yourself and make your dreams come true as a parent. Following are some reasons why you sometimes can’t understand your behavior:

Doing Things Even After Not Willing To Do

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As parents, you all might have times when you find yourself doing things against your judgment. It is evident that no parents like to yell at their children, but sometimes they might get mad at the minor mistakes of their kids, which goes against their will. In such conditions, you may feel that you are letting your children down. These things are prevalent among all the parents. It is because your emotions can sometimes take over you, and the same emotions can sometimes let you become the best parents. Understanding your feelings and doing things according to your best judgment can be helpful in such a case.

Awareness of Yourself

It is really challenging for you as a parent to control your feelings & behavior and remain flexible. If you are stressed or angry, you can just do things that don’t match the situation. For example, if you are outraged due to some reason and your child asks you to play with them again & again, there are chances that you will shout at them, or maybe you will slap them, which is actually wrong as your child can not understand why they have been yelled at. So, it is essential to understand the points where you become angry without reasons, and if those things are not relevant enough, you might need to change your attitude. 

Things To Do

Understand development and attachment

Several types of research on early attachment found that only 50% of the present adult population got the desired secure attachment as a child. Secure attachment is received by the children whose parents were emotionally available and responsive to them. A child with secure attachment is believed to be less stressful as an adult than a child who didn’t get the required secure attachment. 

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So, it should be your responsibility to establish a secure attachment with your children. It’s crucial to understand your and your child’s attachment style and its implications on your emotional intelligence and quality of relationships. Make sure to be able to connect successfully with your child as a parent.

No Guilt

You don't have to be perfect. Let's build on your strengths!

Many of you may be guilty of doing whatever wrong or injustice you have done with your child. But don’t ruin the beauty of parenting by being guilty. In fact, try to overcome all your mistakes as parents by providing your child with all the love and affection they want. Trust yourself and your love for your kid. 

We hope that the blog would help you in understanding yourself as a parent. The Global Child Prodigy wishes you a Happy Parenting!

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