Evgeny Kissin: Sensational Prodigious Musical Composer

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Music is the language of the people. It speaks to the heart of the audience, and it speaks from the heart of the artist. When music combines with talent, unseen, raw, and pure, it creates this magical imaginable artwork that has never existed before. We are always aware of the kind of music we listen to. But we don’t know the artists behind it most of the time. Many prodigious composers create this magic of beautiful composing through their intelligence. Evgeny Kissin is one such magical composer and pianist

Early Prodigious Life of Evgeny Kissin:

He started playing piano by the age of six.

Evgeny was born in 1971 in Moscow. He was an extraordinary child, a prodigy, and at six, he started taking piano lessons. At the age of ten, he made his debut with a Mozart’s Piano concert. At twelve, he made an international debut when he recorded and played Fredric’s piano concertos in 1984 at the Moscow Conservatoire with Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra.
The Exceptional Career of Evgeny Kissin:
Evgeny’s career had a boom when he first performed in Eastern Europe in 1985 and later did his first tour in Japan. At sixteen, Evgeny made his first West European debut at the Berlin festival. He performed in London with the Symphony Orchestra. He was an exceptional icon who has performed with the greatest orchestras of the world. Evgeny used to recite Russian and Yiddish poetry. He even wrote his autobiography titled “Memoirs and Reflections.”


Evgeny, throughout his career, won several awards. He received the Crystal Prize for his first performance in Japan from the Osaka Symphony Hall in 1986.
Chi Giana Academy of Music awarded him with the musician of the year award in 1991. Evgeny received an honorary doctorate of music and an honorary doctorate of letters from the Manhattan School of Music and Hong Kong. In 1997, Evgeny, the youngest person, received the highest culture honor award in the Russian Republic, known as the Triumph Award. He won the Youngest instrumentalist of the year award by Musical America. Evgeny won three Grammy awards. The first time in 2006, for the best instrumentalist soloist performance. The second time in 2009, for the best instrumentalist soloist performance with orchestra. The third time in 2010 for the same category. Evgeny has earned notable respect and recognition for his work as a composer, pianist, and poet.


The prodigious child found his passion and pursued it at such a tender age.

Evgeny showed his prodigious talent internationally. As a result, he created a space for himself in the industry that celebrates culture, art, poetry, and music during the romantic era. His passion for composing and playing piano and his realization of his talent encouraged him to master his skills early. Evgeny found his stage at as young ten, which helped him become the global sensation. That’s how it should be for prodigious children. They should never be deprived of a platform to outshine, to create natural and mesmerizing wonders.

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