Independence Day 2021 | Meet Tara Ghahremani, the Iranian Girl Getting Immense Love From India

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On this special occasion of Indian Independence Day 2021, we are here with the story of a girl from Iran who is getting lots of love from India. Popular for her musical talent, Tara Ghahremani is a 12-year-old Santoor artist for Tehran, Iran. The little girl has become an internet sensation since her video of playing Santoor on the Indian national anthem went viral. She got very much love from millions of Indians & still getting it. The reason for this little girl getting viral is not only that she played the Indian national anthem, but also her incredible Santoor talent at such a young age. The excellence in her hands is transcendent.

From Playing Santoor To Becoming an Internet Phenomenon

Tara Ghahremani developed a keen interest in music when she was just five. Her mother was a Santoor student and it was one of the biggest reasons for Tara to develop an interest in the instrument. She started playing it when she was eight and never looked back since then. She has given several performances and won millions of hearts worldwide. 

Tara Ghahremani
Video of Tara that went viral

It was on January 26, 2021, when a video of Tara playing Santoor on the Indian National Anthem was uploaded by the Global Child Prodigy Awards. The video was very much loved by everyone who watched it, especially by the Indians. A number of popular channels re-uploaded the video & it went viral several times. Tara has also been featured on several websites and channels, like SheThePeople, BBC, etc. Even after being an Iranian, her love for India & Indian culture is incredible. 

Tara Ghahremani – A Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee

The Santoor artist, Tara, has also won the Global Child Prodigy Award 2020 in the category of music. She was also among the world’s Top 100 child prodigies of the year.

Tara receiving the GCP Award 2020

Global Child Prodigy Awards is the one & only organization in the world that recognizes child prodigies from different countries. The organization awards children having exceptional abilities in their field, such as painting, music, singing, writing, sports, entrepreneurship, and many more. If you have someone close to you who deserves to be in the next Top 100 Prodigies list, kake sure to click here.

We wish a very Happy Independence Day to each & every Indian out there.

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