Ways To Tell Stories To Your Kids And Its Benefits

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Tell your kids stories and they are the happiest people. Every child love to hear stories, and as quoted,

If you want your children to be smart, tell them stories. If you want them to be brilliant, tell them more stories” ………… Albert Einstein

Even we grew up listening to various forms of stories from our parents and grandparents.

As their general nature is, children are curious, short-focused, and easily bored than to appeal to them as a storyteller isn’t that easy of a job. So, here we will take & discuss some tricks and tips to tackle the whole process of delivering and being a better storyteller.

Benefits of storytelling:

1.Boosts their listening skills

Whether they are children or younger, listening to others is essential for our personality development, and storytelling will be the best way to encourage them to attend. In addition, with various types of stories they listen to improves their focus and social skills.

2.Curiosity, imagination, and communication

telling stories is a great way to strengthen your bond with your child.

One of the benefits of storytelling is it arouses curiosity and imagination of children. When we tell a story to our children, we should create a situation in our story where we ask the child what should be the next step for the account or complete the level, which can improve our children’s communication skills. In addition, if the story is creative and imaginative, then children’s imagination and curiosity will improve.

3.Improves concentration

Concentration can improve children’s learning skills. Lack of interest can be a sign of low concentration in children. Storytelling on that topic which they like most such as superhero, fairy tales, etc., will be the best idea. They will listen to it with curiosity which can improve their concentration skills. This is one of the crucial benefits of storytelling.

4.Introduces new vocabulary

Children always love to hear their favorite stories, whenever telling stories to our children we should introduce them with some new words which they don’t know or would be difficult to speak for them. Improving vocabulary can help children learn and talk about any language fast and correctly, and also it improves children’s communication skills.

As we have talked about the various benefits of Story-telling, let’s now see, Ways to tell & construction of Stories


One of the most critical aspects of storytelling is narration. The better and vast dimension the narration has, the better is the whole story experience. 

2.Visualization of the story

While telling the story, motivate your child to visualize the whole scenario of the store or the given dialogues. This helps your child with the fact of immersion as well as develop visualization skills.

3.Customize your story

Use people around you as a part of your story.

Customize your store wherever it would be a good idea, whether using your child itself as a part of the story or changing the story a bit to be easier to understand etc.

4.Try some voice modulation and acting.

Trying a bit of voice acting here and there for different store characters makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable as a child, and it will be a more entertaining and immersive experience for your child. 

5.Offer insights about universal and life experiences.

Stories are not just limited to how a lazy rabbit lost a race; with storytelling comes a medium of delivery of knowledge in a gentle entertaining manner, which can be taken into consideration by parents, as parents with their own past experience as well as some of the universal knowledge can be delivered via stories.

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting!!!

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