PRIYANSI SOMANI: A Prodigious Kid And A Mental Calculator

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Introduction to 6-year-old mental calculator:

Priyansi Somani, the extraordinary kid was born in Surat, Gujrat, India, on 16 November 1998. She was taken to a businessman Somani couple, her parents’ name is Satyen Somani and Anju Somani. Since childhood, she has had more interest in mathematics. She started solving number problems without using paper and pen at an early age. At first, her parent did not recognize her talent, but they later realized her natural and unique talent. At the age of six, they started sending her to the Abaqus class.

Education and Early Life:

She found her passion for mathematics early on.

She completed her study at Lourdes Convent High School of Surat, India. With the school, she continued mental mathematics practices that helped her solve without requiring pen and paper with 100% accuracy. Her passion for mathematics impressed everyone. In 2006 at the age of seven, her hard work paid off. She won the first National Championship in Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition. She held the National Championship from 2006 to 2008 for three years and proved her prodigious talent. In 2007 she won the International Championship in Malaysia.

The Journey of Guinness Book of World Record 2014:

After winning lots of awards, she participated in an International math challenge at the University of Magdeburg, Germany. At the 2010 world cup, she participated with 37 students from 16 countries. She extracted square roots from 6-digit numbers up to 8 digits in record timing of 6:51 minutes and finished first. Also awarded the second position for addition and multiplication.

Her favourite calculation was Square Roots. She got a particular affinity for solving fast square roots. She got a task of ten square- root problems, and broke all records by solving within 6 : 28 minutes .

On 3 January 2012, Priyansi attended Memorial Cup and solved the ten tasks of 6 digit numbers in 2:43:05 minutes. That won her the new world record holder after the fastest square calculation. It also accurately calculated all given objectives to 8 significant digits.

She impressed the UN with her extraordinary talent. Her name appeared on the Mind & Memory page of Guinness Book of World Record 2014.

Other Achievements:

Priyansi Somani with all her trophies.

After her huge wins, Priyansi Somani became the Indian Ambassador For World Maths Day 2011. In 2010, she received Guest Of Honour in the 16th Mental Arithmetic International Competition, organized by UCMAS Global Education Group.  

She won the Outstanding Delegate Award in the third annual conference organized by Cheong Shim International Academy Model United Nations. 

She was select as an assistant professor of psychology for a research project at Stanford University, California, United States. 

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