When Does Parenting Get Easy?

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Parenting is an all-time job. Every newbie parent you meet is exhausted. The arrival of the first child and your whole “normal” life is lost. But does the best stage of parenting exists? This conundrum continues to challenge the parents as the blessings, and the happiness of raising a kid are eternal. Another critical question or fantasy that the parents often ponder upon is when parenting gets easy?
Let’s take a look at all the parenting stages and find the answer to this question.


As a parent, don’t forget to take a break.

When you bring your newborn home, you don’t mind being the exhaustion. You are determined to do anything to spend more time with your baby. Until the sleep deprivation kicks in, along with anxiety that you’re doing everything wrong as your newborn cries and you have no clue why. You face reality and the work that goes behind in raising a child. It bursts your bubble. You find yourself wondering – When does parenting get easier?


Some say this is the most magnificent stage of parenting. You have the cutest baby who interacts with you in the cutest way possible for an 18-month-old. Toddler behavior has its own delights and dismays.
Since the two-year-old is the main attraction, you have to attend to their needs all day long. It’s the stage to take baby steps into learning for the toddler. So, you have to ensure everything you do around them improves their knowledge of things. That can cause constant worry, leaving you exhausted and wondering- “ When does parenting gets easy”?

Does parenting get more manageable when they go to school?

The magical stage of parenting where you get time for yourself.

This is the stage where every parent gets their first sigh of relief. Your kids are at school, and you think you’ve made it. You’re alone at your home with no crying kids or answering questions that make no sense. So is the stage where parenting gets easier?
This is a fun time for both of you as you open the book of the world to them. The kids start doing their work on their own as they reach 5-6 years of age. They even offer to help you with some of the chores. Most parents think of this as the magical stage of raising their baby.
So yeah. Children of primary school age might be the easiest ones to parent.


Handling a teenager is a challenging period for all parents. They start developing their individual personalities and their beliefs. They start to perceive people and become more selective of their choices. This can cause conflicts with your values and make things tense for both of you. The best way to deal with such situations is to talk it out. This might seem like a challenging ride. But you can turn it into an opportunity to have exciting conversations with your teen.

Parenting is a full-time job. So, in reality, it never gets easy. Every stage has its own share of challenges and joys. You can check out our blog for easy parenting.

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting!

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