Daughter of Sudanese Immigrants: Athing Mu Becomes Olympic Champion at Age 19

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“Winners dont wait for chances. They take them.”

Born in 2002 in New Jersey, USA, Athing Mu is a professional middle-distance track runner. Mu is one of seven children. Her parents moved to the USA from Sudan a year before she was born. Growing up, the family didn’t have much money. “When you’re from an immigrant family that comes in with its back against the wall, you know what bottom is. It gives us a focus on pursuing things that would help us improve our lives.”, said her brother, Deng, in an interview, writes the IOC.

Athing Mu


Mu began her competitive career at high school, where she broke the American record in the 600m race at the age of 16. She won silver at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. In 2019, at the World Indoor Championships, she won the 600m and the Pan American under-20 Championships. Her time in the 600m is the second-fastest ever run indoors and the second-fastest ever by an American woman. 

Mu’s Under-20 World Record 2021

According to Wikipedia, in 2021, Mu set not one but 3 different records. She now holds the Central American and Caribbean Junior record in 400m, the championship, and the world under-20 world record in 800m. 

Tokyo Olympics

Mu made her Olympic debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. She won the women’s 800m race, broke the national record, and set a new Central American and Caribbean Junior record. Her run was the second fastest result in American history! Moreover, Mu’s victory in the 800m is the first in 53 years. The last gold medal won in the 800m by an American was back in the 1968 Olympics.

At the Tokyo Olympics

At just 19, Athing Mu has achieved what some take their whole careers to! A woman of sheer talent and grace, she is proof that age is just a number. She and her family’s courageous journey through adversity is a symbol of hope, strength, and inspiration for young athletes like her who dream big and work hard. 

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Team Global Child Prodigy Congratulates Athing Mu for winning Gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This will inspire millions of people worldwide, including children who aspire to be like her. 

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