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“The people born with a talent are meant to use it. They will find their greatest happiness in using it.” – Johann Wolfgang. 

Reuben Paul is a boy who became the CEO of a company at the age of 9 years. When the boys are just stepping into the fantasy world, Reuben Paul has his eyes on the growing technology of the world. The little kid is already an accomplished app developer, hacker, cybersecurity expert, and CEO of Prudent Games, a game development firm. He is also a respected speaker in the circle of hackers. 

How Reuben Paul Became CEO?

Reuben Paul is an Indian boy attending Harmony School of Science in Austin. When he was in first grade, and his teacher asked him to illustrate his career, he said he aspires to become a Cyber Spy. Reuben’s parents always appreciated and supported him. He has been learning about programming and information security for the mobile platform for the past couple of years. Then finally, in 2014, he founded and became the CEO of the Prudent Games with his parents’ help.

12 Year Old Cybersecurity Expert Reuben Paul – H-11 Digital Forensics
CEO of Prudent Games

This company educates while entertaining the customers. Prudent Games has the motto, “Learn While You Play.” With his parents and industry leaders’ help, Reuben also founded a cybersecurity awareness and education organization called CyberShaolin. This organization has the mission to educate, equip, and empower kids with the knowledge of CyberSecurity. He is currently working on developing apps that teach Cyber Security and Mathematics to kids.

Achievements of The Child Hacker

Reuben is an invited speaker at such a young age. He also delivers awareness talks and the importance of teaching CyberSecurity to kids. Reuben Paul’s been attending several industry-leading information conferences primarily with RSA, DerbyCon, etc. Several news agencies call him a “Child Hacker.”

Meet Reuben Paul, A 9-Year-Old Indian Boy Who Is Both A CEO And  Cybersecurity Expert! | Pixr8
CEO of Prudent Games

Along with these hacking achievements, Reuben has also become the youngest person to have received the Shaolin Do Kung Fu Black Belt in America, Besides he was featured in Fox TV news channel Austin story. The Child Hacker was the gold medalist in the 2014 USA Gymnastics State Competition. 

 Winner of Global Child Prodigy Awards

The Global Child Prodigy Awards list includes talents from various countries and backgrounds, having extreme competency in their field of interest such as painting, modeling, writing, entrepreneurship, martial art, music, social work, etc. 

Global Child Prodigy Awardee| Reuben Paul

Reuben Paul received the Global Child Prodigy award. Reuben Paul became CEO at such a young age and spreads awareness about CyberSecurity.

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