Meet Thirteen-Year-Old As The Youngest Art Prodigy, Aelita Andre sells her painting for over $50,000.

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“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

                                                                                       ― Edward Hopper

Most babies first learn to walk and talk before developing any skills or hobbies, but this was not in the case of 13-year-old Australian Artist Aelita Andre. When she was 9-months-old, she started to learn painting by herself. By the age of 1 year and ten months, her first painting was in London Art Gallary.

Aelita Andre – Pro Artist

Free Creative Spirit

Global Child Prodigy Awards estimates that there are less than 5000 exceptionally talented kids in Australia, and only about 100 can only be considered prodigies.

“Aelita’s talent is not something you can distill into a formula or anything like that, it seems to naturally come out of her,” Michael is an artist himself stated.

Aelita Andre

She had her first-ever solo exhibition in Manhattan when she was merely four years old. The show was called ‘The Prodigy of Colours.’ Aelita’s exhibition in Manhattan, was displayed for three weeks straight. All her 24 artworks were sold there within a week. The price is ranging from $4000 to $10000.

Andre’s work gained popularity and fame, and her artwork began appearing in all the big galleries all over the World. Critics call her young Picasso, and her painting style is frequently compared with Jackson Pollock, the Greatest abstract artist of all time.

Global Child Prodigy Awardee

Global Child Prodigy Awards, the World’s first and only award ceremony recognizing unique and talented children, awarded Aelita Andre under the category of art in 2020. Moreover, she was listed under the Top 100 Prodigies List of 2020!

Global Child prodigy Award Winner | Aelita Andre

The Nature Vs. Nurture Debate

Aelita Journey of painting began as early as nine months old. When she crawled onto a canvas of her dad, Micheal, also an artist, put on the ground.

Soon she became the Youngest Artist in the World and had her artworks featured in a solo museum exhibition at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum in 2016.

Aelita’s profoundly connects with the World and all the living creatures, which is why many of her titles reflect things about the universe. She wants to paint for the rest of her life. This dream may come true, as people are happy to enjoy her art, which is full of abstract colors and mysterious depth.

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