Aarav Verma Talks About His Future Plans

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You might have heard that some people have magic in their hands, and one of such people is Aarav Verma. This 14-year-old boy is an incredible artist from India. Aarav has literally amazed thousands of people through his artwork. His ideas and paintings are beautiful and exceptional, and that is what made him recognized as a child prodigy. In a recent exclusive interview with Global Child Prodigy, Aarav Verma talks about his art journey & future plans.

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More About Aarav Verma

Aarav had a keen interest in painting from an early age. He started painting when he was just three-years-old. The art prodigy has produced many excellent artworks so far and has caught millions of peoples’ attention. Aarav says that his parents have been his biggest support. They always teach him to be a good person as it is the most important thing.

The Living Paint Brush| Aarav Verma
Aarav Verma

Moreover, Aarav is truly an inspiration for all because he wants to use his art for good purposes. He does various fundraising events to help people through his art. He aims to become an inspiration for the kids to paint and express themselves freely. 

Aarav Verma ‘s Future Plans

On being asked about future plans, Aarav said that he always lives in the present. The only thing is he wants to do is to help the society in as many ways as he can. He also aims to become a soldier in the field of arts for his nation. Aarav believes that his dream would only come true when all the children of his age would give it a thought that there should be peace, love, and harmony everywhere. This young art prodigy really has high thinking which will make him achieve greater heights in the future.

Aarav’s Hobbies

Aarav told us that he loves to watch fantasy and action movies. He also likes to learn about computers and technology. Other than that, his hobbies include cycling, and playing table tennis. Moreover, Aarav says that all his hobbies are not above his emotion & aim to serve the society.

One Among World’s Top 100 Child Prodigies

Aarav Verma received the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 for his outstanding art skills. He is also listed as one of the world’s Top 100 child prodigies.

About Aarav – Aarav Verma
An incredible artist

The Global Child Prodigy Awards is the first award initiative of its kind that recognizes child prodigies from all over the world. It celebrates young talents from various backgrounds, such as painting, modeling, writing, entrepreneurship, sports, dancing, music, martial arts, etc.

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