How To Help Your Child Overcome Their Fears?

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Fear is an emotion that everyone can experience at any age, but it may be more intense for children. Your child may be scared because of imaginary things, like monsters, ghosts, an active imagination, or revisiting a previous bad experience. As a parent, you don’t need to worry much about this; fear is an entirely normal part of their development. Being supportive and empathetic can help your child overcome their fears.

Here are a few suggestions that may help your child manage fears –

1.Understand your child’s fear

Validating the fear will work wonder for both the parents and the kid.

Children have less idea about what exists and what not. They are still discovering the world that they live in. The imagination is developing, which means whatever they hear or see may result in scary dreams. Sometimes we tell kids that “there is nothing to be scared of” or “Don’t worry about anything.” This doesn’t make your child feel less afraid. Not validating the child’s fears won’t end well. Your child will feel that it’s not OK to be scared – or it’s not OK to talk to you about their worries.

2.Find ways to talk to your child

Talking to your children about anything makes them feel much comfortable. Let the child share their fears with you. Not all kids have the words to express their feelings of anxiety. Ask them to explain that what makes them scared and why. Tell your child about your fears as a child. This makes them that it’s normal, and they start believing that you care and understand their feelings.

3.Don’t make fun of child fear

Making fun of their fears will not make your child less fearful; instead, this situation can increase their anxiety and, at the same time, lower the self-esteem of the child. Your child may get rid of fear only when they get love and care. Neglecting their fear will only develop negative feelings inside them.

4.Please give them the right message.

Always be there for your child when they are afraid.

Saying things like: “Stop being a baby,” “Its nothing,” and many more such things puts the wrong message inside a kid’s brain. They will stop sharing their fears with you. Tell your child it’s normal to be afraid of something and explain to them that it’s OK to share their fear and ask for help.

5.Keep your child away from fearful characters

A young child can believe things that don’t exist as they cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy. Children often feel fright of the fantasy characters they watch. Try to avoid watching such shows with your child. Also, explain the difference between fantasy and reality.

6.Cheer up your child

Changes take time and don’t happen at the same time. When they overcome child fear, don’t forget to say how proud they made you. Encourage your child, be patient, and consistently praise the efforts of your child and successes. This way, you are giving your child the message that progress matters, which motivates them more.

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting.

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