Tips To Improve Mental Maths Tricks Of Kids

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Mathematics can be tricky, but it can be fun if one knows the trick. Mental maths tricks help your child by making his/her mind active and sharp and helps in studies.

Here are some easy mental maths tricks you can teach your child:

Addition and subtraction

Knowing mental math tricks can help make new concepts easier to learn.

We’ve been taught addition and subtraction differently in our schools which can become difficult while solving huge sums. Here are some tricks, if followed correctly, can make complicated sums solving easy:

1.While adding complex sums like 872+680, one can simply add +8 in 872, making it 880+680=1560, and later sub -8 from 1560, making it 1552, which is the actual answer.

2.While finding the difference between, let’s say, 18 and 4.

Instead of subtracting the two sums 18-4, see what makes 4+_=18, i.e., 14, which is the same answer that’ll come on removing them. This is an easier way to calculate. Similarly, with large sums like 777-559, make it 559+_=777. The answer will be 218, which is the same answer if you subtract both the digits.


Short multiplications are easy, but one can get stuck on significant accumulations, so here are few tips to follow:

1.If multiplying even numbers or even one number is even, all you have to do is divide the first number into half and double the other number, and multiple, you’ll get the same answer. For, e.g., 60×140

Where divide 60÷2=30

And double 140+140=280

Then, multiple 30×280=8400

8400 is your answer.

2.When multiplying any number with 11, let’s say 44×11, then add the first numbers, i.e., 4+4=8, and place between the two numbers you’ve added before making it 484, which is the same answer for 44×11.


Mental maths tricks enhances calculation skiils.

You can make division less complicated for your child by teaching them these essential tricks of division that numbers are easily divisible by specific numbers for, e.g.:

1.Any number that ends with a 0 is divisible by 10.

2.Similarly, if a number ends with a 0 or a 5, it is divisible by 5.

3.If a number’s last three digits are 000 or are evenly divisible by 8 can be divided by 8.


Calculating percentages can never be easy, especially a more significant sum percentage. So to cut down some of your time, here is a trick to learn. If you have to find a share of 5 for any n number, you can easily do it if you follow these steps.

For, e.g., what’s 5% of 358?

Step 1: add a decimal to 358 by one place, which becomes 35.8

Step 2: divide 35.8 by 2, which will give you 17.9, and that’s the answer for your actual equation.

Try these tricks to speed up your child’s mental maths skills, and as your child grows, make a daily routine of practicing two or three complicated mental math equations, which will help improve your child’s mental maths skills.

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