Ways To Make Your Child Feel Special And Respected

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Parenting is not an easy task to do. Parenthood is the ultimate juggling act, and there is some time when you are trying to spread your time and attention with your children. Ensure every parent has to make a proper balance and satisfy every child’s needs while making sure no one feels left out. Helping your child feel special and respected sets the child for a healthy sense of self-worth and self-esteem in the future. Ultimately, the parent’s goal is to convey unconditional love via focused attention with clear limits and boundaries that will allow your child to tolerate the inevitable breaks in our awareness. 

Here are some ways to make your child feel unique and respected – 

1.Ask Caring Questions 

Communicating with your child about things other than their academics will strengthen your bond with them.

Ask your child about the school day instead of asking about the class test or the performance when they reach home.

2.Wake up with a smile

This is so simple. But think about how you wake-ups during your childhood. Mine often involves an unsmiling me saying, “Wake up, come on! Do you want to be late for school?”

3.Listen to your child

You must be supportive of your child if they share their negative thoughts. Dont judge too quickly; instead, talk to your child and build trust, which means your child will naturally come to you when they need a shoulder.

4.Be open

Asking for the inputs of the child makes them feel respected and empowered. Involve your child in the decisions you make as a family, from taking advice for the meals to what to do in the free time.

5.Little things count, too

Children loves surprises, even though it’s a small one. Pack a note in their lunch. Surprise them by making their favorite dish in the dinner or their tiffin box. These little acts of kindness will make your child feel loved and makes a suitable attachment with the parents.

6.Spend one-on-one time

Spending alone time with your child allows for more extended conversations, which provides us an opportunity to find out what is happening in their world.

7.Keep Your Promises

Making fake promises can damage your relationship. Something can’t be avoided in life, but making promises that we can’t keep will only foster feelings of mistrust and insignificance.

8.Be affectionate

Showering your child with affection will make them feel special and respected.

A kiss on the cheek or a hug before the bed – showing affection to your child makes them feel loved. Try to create your own special handshake or come up with a fun code word with each kid.

9.Love what they love 

It may be possible that you’re not as excited about the newest collection of Marvel’s toys as they are. But loving your kid’s love is a great way to say that they are essential to you. Sharing and motivating what they love helps them feel supported. It also allows the kids to think that they are important enough to dedicate their valuable time.

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting!!!

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