[Video] Know The Youngest Female Bodybuilder, Prisais Townsend In 1 Minute

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Prisais Townsend is a 7-year-old bodybuilder is titled the “Youngest Female Bodybuilder in the World“. She started all this when she was just 10 months old. Her father, James Townsend, discovered her talent when she started following along with his workouts. When he saw her daughter taking an interest, he started giving some basic training to Prisais. He was sure that Prisais was different from other kids just a few months after she was born.

Watch this short video to know more about her:

Facts About Prisais Townsend

  • According to Prisais’ father, she started crawling at three months and was walking at seven months.
  • The little girl can do 20 pull-ups at a time.
  • She likes gymnastics because she can do crazy things through it.
  • Prisais has her eyes set on the Gymnastics career.
  • She won the Global Child Prodigy Award 2020 in the category of fitness.

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